Many people think that consistently posting on Facebook or Twitter is the only way to get their business seen and heard.

While this may be true to some extent, likes and shares don’t always get you sales.

Email marketing on the other hand is a way to get your business’ content straight into your consumer’s laps.

While we may have the login details for our social platforms, we don’t own the pages and if Mr. Zuckerberg decided one day to close Facebook all of our content and followers would be simply…gone.

However, an email list? That’s something we can control and it’s one of the most effective ways to turn leads into customers.

99% of email users check their emails on a daily basis, this can’t be said for any other social channel.

Email marketing has an estimated 4400% ROI (Return On Investment)  in simple terms that’s and average of 44.25$ profit for every 1$ invested; how huge is that!?

Email is simply the best way to convert consumers into customers. But how can you generate sales via email if you have no one to send them to? You need to create your email list, plain and simple.

Don’t make the same mistake many businesses have made in the past by “buying” an email list, it sounds like a good idea at the time but it’s annoying as sin and your emails will get directed straight to the spam folder and eventually, your business gets blacklisted. So don’t do that.

How do I create an authentic email list?

If you want to organically grow your email list, you need to attract your consumers with an attractive offer.

Chances are, if your consumers like what you are offering, they will sign up to your newsletters, but how to get them to fill out that form in the first place?

By offering them something in exchange; you need a lead magnet. A free download, a discount code, VIP access to curated content just for them.. The list can be endless.

Once people sign up to your email list, they’ll want to hear from you, as long as you are providing valuable content.

Give valuable content every time.

Getting your emails opened by your subscribers is only half the battle, you also need to make sure your subscribers are actually engaging with your amazing content.

If your subscribers are happy with the content you are providing them with, they will be more inclined to open future emails from you, conversely if they are not entertained by your content, they will most likely not open your emails and eventually unsubscribe.

To summarise, email reaches most of the people it’s intended for, making email marketing a key component to your marketing strategy.

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